MATCH YOUR PERSONALITY! The best advice I can give is don’t buy a bunch of clothes to dress like someone you’re not. Make sure you wear clothes that you’re comfortable in and your outfit selections should match your personality and your own personal style. If you don’t normally wear heels.

DRESS FOR THE SEASON You wouldn’t show up to a summer baseball game with Ugg boots and a CC Beanie would you? Of course not! So don’t show up for your summer session wearing a fall sweater and booties! You want to be comfortable and not sweating or freezing so just plan accordingly. It’ll look silly with your snow boots if there’s sunflowers blooming with bright green grass in the background.

DON’T ALWAYS FOLLOW THE TRENDS As much as the cute crop top shirts are trending, trust me, you’ll thank yourself in twenty years when you look back and didn’t follow that trend. Choose outfits that are timeless and classic. Just remember, the things that are in style, don’t necessarily always photograph well and aren’t flattering on all body types. Find clothing items that you can move around and sit comfortably in.

VOID NEON COLORS (AT ALL COSTS!) I honestly don’t think people realize how horribly these photography. Neons cast colors, not flattering colors, onto your skin. As a photographer, we try our best to keep the colors as natural as possible when we’re editing but sometimes we adjust things to highlight you or the background, with neons, that not only makes it difficult but next to impossible to change your skin tones if you’ve got bright pink gleaming up onto your face and neck. If you take one piece of advice, take away that you should avoid neon colors in your clothing choices!

BRING OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES This may seem obvious, but don’t forget to pack extras! I highly recommend doing a consultation before your session where you send us your outfit choices and we can tell you if there’s small tweaks or changes to amp up the looks but if that’s not possible, just bring a few extra options and we can choose the day of your session. We like to see what you all have in mind so we can choose locations based upon outfits ahead of time and it’s helps tremendously to keep the day of your session running smoothly.

NEW OUTFITS It’s always fun to go out and get new clothes but be mindful of your budget. Remember that if you pair your basics with just a couple new accessories you can really dress up what you might already have! Bring something you’re comfy in and then of course if you feel obligated to, go get yourself a new fancy outfit. That way you can feel fabulous and ready to rock your senior sesssion.

SOLID COLORS Solids are always in style. Just remember a simple white tee and jeans are super classic and timeless. Dress up the look with a kimono, necklace, fun shoes and BAM! We can work with prints but try to keep the patterns less bold, we want you to stand out and not be hidden with busy clothes. 😉

PROPS For sure think of fun props! Highly recommended to bring something, anything to your senior photo session. If you’re into sports, bring a basketball. If you’re into video games, bring a controller and teach me all about the newest games! If you’re into farm life, we’d love you to bring a tractor of your favorite horse out to see us. The options to elevate your senior session truly are worth the extra effort to make your session unique for you.

REP YOUR HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE TEAM Everyone needs at least one picture of them reppin their alma mater! Let’s snap one quick shot repping your high school or maybe even the college you plan on attending. Hoodies or tee’s your closet is filled with I’m sure so grab one! You’ll love to look back at it someday!

DON’T HAVE LARGE LOGOS We recommend not to wear clothing with name brand tags or logos and nothing with large pictures. You’ll want these images to be classic and stand the test of time. These images with their personality outfit will get you the most sincere smiles and they will probably be the ones they brag about, the ones that make their cover photo on Facebook or Instagram.


Here are a few tips to help your skin look it’s best for your photo shoot.

1. Do not pick or pop pimples.
2. Do not spray tan or allow yourself to sunburn.
3. Drink lots of water, starting now! 
4. Use a quality moisturizer 
5. Avoid sugars and refined carbs- fill your diet with colorful veggies, fruits, and complex carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, beans, brown rice, and oats.

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